8 High Fiber Smoothies For Constipation Relief

Here are my top 8 high fiber smoothies for constipation that you can try today! Did you know that there are over 17% of the world’s population that actually suffer from constipation? Yes, it’s a very common problem that soo many people face so you are definitely not alone!

Constipation is frustrating but with the help of the right foods and a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce your symptoms almost completely. What you don’t want to do is rely on over-the-counter laxatives because they can actually hurt you in the long run and lead to unwanted side effects.

This is where healthy high-fiber smoothies come into play. They usually consist of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, therefore, they are usually safe and they really help.

High Fiber Smoothies For Constipation

High Fiber Smoothies For Constipation

So high-fiber smoothies help by drawing water into your colon, making your stool softer, and stimulating a bowel movement. All you have to do is choose the right fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, water, and sorbitol. Sorbitol is simply sugar alcohol that has a laxative effect and is found in both fresh and dried fruits.

Fruits like apricots, prunes, berries, pears, peaches, plums, and mangos contain a ton of sorbitol, fiber, and water which makes them some of the best smoothies to make you poop fast. Lastly, drinking a lot of water during the day plus a glass of warm water after meals can really help reduce constipation.

berry smoothie for constipation

1. Berry Smoothie For Constipation

Berries are extremely nutritious, they are filled with essential vitamins, and minerals plus they provide your body with enough antioxidants. However, not all berries are effective in relieving constipation, you will need to choose the right ones to add to your smoothie. 

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green smoothie for constipation

2. Green Smoothie For Constipation Recipe

Green smoothies are rich in protein and minerals that help your digestive system function properly. Adding high-fiber ingredients like green apples, kiwi, pears and swiss chard can stimulate bowel movements within 24 hours. I personally use this green smoothie recipe regularly and it helps a lot! Go ahead and try it.

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Pineapple Smoothie For Constipation

3. High Fiber Pineapple Smoothie

Pineapples are high in bromelain which helps break down protein in the gut. A high-protein diet is a common cause of constipation therefore, eating pineapples or drinking pineapple smoothies can help keep you regular. Pineapples also contain fiber and vitamin C, both of which reduces constipation.

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Papaya Smoothie For Constipation

4. High Fiber Papaya Smoothie To Make You Poop

Probably one of the best fruits on the planet for constipation, papayas contain a lot of dietary fiber plus an enzyme called papain which breaks down food in the gut faster. Papaya is also rich in vitamin C which has been linked to digestive health and the prevention of constipation.

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Prune Smoothie For Constipation

5. Prune Smoothie For Constipation

Similar to papayas, prunes are very effective in stimulating a bowel movement. These dried purple plums are amazingly filled with fiber plus sorbitol which is a sugar alcohol. When combined, both compounds create a laxative effect, therefore you can expect to visit the potty within 24 hours.

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Pear Smoothie For Constipation

6. Best Pear Smoothie For Constipation

Did you know that a single pear gives you 30% of your daily recommended intake amount of dietary fiber? Yep, 1 large pear contains 7 grams of dietary fiber plus has enough sorbitol to help you poop. Just make sure you choose the right pears for your smoothie, the Asian, Bosc, and red and green anjou pears contain the most dietary fiber.

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High Fiber Mango Smoothie For Constipation

7. Mango Papaya Strawberry Constipation Smoothie

Combining mangos, papayas, and strawberries to make a smoothie will provide your body with enough fiber to stimulate a bowel movement in no time! This smoothie is also filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants so you definitely need to try it!

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Spinach Smoothie For Constipation

8. Spinach Smoothie Recipe For Constipation

Did you know that spinach is actually a superfood that works wonders for your health? Yes, it is! Spinach is filled with amazing vitamins and minerals along with dietary fiber. This leafy green helps add bulk to stool making them pass through the gut easier. Go ahead and try this recipe by licking the link below.

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Foods To Avoid When Constipated

So according to research, you always want to avoid foods that are low in fiber when suffering from constipation. Also, foods that are made from white flour such as pasta, bread, cakes, crackers, chips, muffins, cookies, and pretzels should be very limited in your diet.

High protein foods tend to digest slower and when consumed in large amounts can increase constipation symptoms. Lastly, try as much as you can, although difficult, to stay away from fast and processed foods when suffering from constipation.

Best Foods For Constipation

First and foremost, drink a lot of water daily! You should aim to drink up to 2 liters of water if you suffer from constipation because water helps soften up your stool and make them pass easier. If you are not a water person like me, you can try adding more soups, juices, and smoothies to your diet.

The idea is to stay hydrated when experiencing constipation. Other foods that help include whole grains, legumes, high-fiber fruits, and vegetables along with nuts like almonds, pecans, and peanuts. I have found a lot of help with oatmeal and cereals so I highly recommend you try them as well.

Final Thoughts

I always recommend that you seek professional help when having health issues. Your doctor will always know how to treat your specific case so do not rely on information found online for help. Constipation is a common problem but may sometimes be caused by underlying problems. 

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