Lime Water Vs Lemon Water: Which Is Better?

In this post, we will talk about lime water vs lemon water, the differences between both fruits, and how to use them for weight loss. Limes and lemons have both been used as natural remedies for centuries in many cultures and traditions due to their healing properties.

They are both acidic and contain a good amount of vitamin c making them some of the best types of antioxidant fruits. Drinking both lemon and lime water can have a positive effect on your body plus side effects so continue reading.

Lime Water vs Lemon Water

I love the taste of freshly squeezed lemon water, drinking it warm or cold on a hot summer day is something I have been doing for the past few years. Now I know that there are many benefits of drinking lemon or lime water such as strengthening the immune system and providing vitamins but I drink it to lose weight.

You see, I used to be really overweight and had a ton of health issues until I started dieting and drinking lemon water daily. I didn’t start both on my own, I actually saw a dietician who gave me a diet plan plus a lemon water recipe. I’ve lost over 40 kilograms since and it feels amazing.

So how do lemons and limes help with weight loss? Well, after researching, I found that drinking both fruits can help reduce appetite, and cravings, help your food digest better, provide your body with antioxidants and reduce inflammation. Note that these are all causes of weight gain. Continue reading below.

lime water vs lemon water

What’s The Difference Between Lemon & Lime Water?

So a lot of people think that limes and lemons are the same fruit, or that limes are just unripe lemons but that is not so. Both fruits may have the same sourness, and pH levels and are acidic but each is different in its own way. You see, limes are smaller, rounder, contain less juice, are usually dark green in color, and have a bitter-sour taste.

Lemons however have more liquid, are slightly oval in shape, yellow in color, and taste sweeter. Now both limes and lemons have the same type of nutrition and one can be substituted for the other but most people prefer lemons over lime which makes the latter feel like an ugly duckling.

Talking about the nutritional values of both fruits, limes contain a slightly higher amount of vitamin A and calcium while lemons win the race with higher vitamin C content. I say go ahead and add both lemons and limes to your detox water or weight loss drinks!

Bottom line: Limes are rounder, smaller, greener, contain less liquid, and have a bitter taste. Lemons are oval shaped, larger, yellow in color, have a lot more water content, and have a much tolerable sour acidic taste. Limes contain more vitamin A and calcium, while lemons are higher in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Lime Water vs Lemon Water For Weight Loss?

Now that you know the difference between limes and lemons, which one should you be using for weight loss? Well, it’s an easy choice, lemons! Why? Because lemons contain more antioxidants and vitamin C both of which help remove toxins from the body, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

Research shows that long-term toxin buildup can prevent the body from burning fat because your natural detoxification system (especially the digestive tract) stops functioning properly. You see the digestive system is one of the 5 organs responsible for detoxification and weight loss.

Drinking lemon or lime water can help your digestive system break down foods and digest them properly which is essential for losing weight. Lemons and limes also contain dietary fiber which helps reduce hunger pangs, appetite, and cravings, also essential for weight loss.

Lastly, they both help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress but lemons do a much better job. Oxidative stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain so the bottom line is that you can use both lemons and lime for weight loss but lemons will get you the best bang for your buck.

When Should You Drink Lemon Water For Weight Loss?

Studies show that the colon is most active 30 minutes after waking up from sleep in the morning which makes it the best time to drink a cup of warm lemon water. This helps your digestive system absorb all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and metabolizes them better. 

Side Effects Of Lime And Lemon Water

As much as I love citrus fruits, they can cause side effects so it’s always best to read more about any food, fruit, or vegetable that you plan on adding to your diet more often. So lemons and lime water both have side effects worth noting. For example, drinking lemon water without diluting it can cause tooth decay plus worsen Ulcers and GERD.

Other side effects of drinking too much lemon or lime water are canker sores, migraines, dehydration, acid reflux, and excess iron levels. 

Who Should Not Drink Lime And Lemon Water?

If you suffer from acid reflux GERD, ulcers, or you take vitamin C and Iron supplements, make sure you consult your doctor before adding lemons and limes to your diet. Also, it’s always a good idea to tell your doctor when on medications if you plan on drinking both fruits daily because they can interact with certain medications.


Lemons and limes are both very healthy fruits that are worth adding to your diet, they are great for the immune system and help ward off cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. They are also great for the skin and prevent cell damage which makes them superfoods. 

lime water vs lemon water

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