50 Foods That Soften Stool Quickly

Looking for foods that soften stool quickly? Here is a list of all the best foods that can help stimulate a bowel movement by drawing water into your colon and adding bulk to your stool. Adding high fiber, and high sorbitol fruits to your diet are natural ways to soften your stool fast without oct laxatives.  

Continue reading because this is the complete list of foods that are natural laxatives and will help you empty your bowels quickly. These foods have been used for centuries to treat constipation therefore, think of them as old-fashioned remedies for constipation!

Foods That Soften Stool Quickly

Foods That Soften Stool Quickly

Constipation is very frustrating and affects billions of people around the world! I have experienced it and trust me, it’s not a good feeling, but you already know that if you are reading this post! Now, before we begin, please take my advice, if you suffer from constipation regularly, see a doctor.

Also, if you consume a lot of high fat and high carbs, you need to change your diet. Drinking more water, and adding more high-fiber fruits and vegetables to your diet can help relieve your symptoms so I urge you to at least think about it before looking for quick fixes. Now that we have that out of the way, here is your list!

high sorbitol and fiber fruits

1. High Sorbitol & Fiber Fruits

So this is a trick that has been used for ages, find high-fiber fruits and make them extra ripe until they contain more sugar and sorbitol which is simply sugar alcohol that has a laxative effect on the colon. The sweeter the fruit, the faster it will stimulate a bowel movement. Dried and fresh stone fruits usually contain the most amounts of sorbitol.

Also, dried fruits contain sugar and probiotics. Very ripe bananas, dried prunes, apricots, figs, and dates all help soften stool by drawing water into the colon which makes them perfect for constipation. However, not all fruits will contain sorbitol when they ripen, you want to look for the following fruits.

  • Apricots
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Blackberries
  • Cranberries
  • Peaches
  • Currants
  • Cherries
  • Yellow plums
  • Grapes
  • Raisins

High Fiber Vegetables & Foods

2. High Fiber Vegetables & Foods

Eating vegetables and foods that are high in fiber can help soften your stool naturally especially when suffering from constipation. However, if you are on blood thinning medications, you will need to limit your intake of leafy green vegetables because they contain vitamin K.

Some of the best high-fiber vegetables include broccoli, kale, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, green peas, artichoke, and eggplants. Other sub-vegetable food groups that contain a ton of fiber are legumes and beans, black beans, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, and soybeans. Other foods and nuts include:

  • Brown rice
  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Rye
  • Whole Wheat
  • Barley
  • Bulgur
  • Amaranth
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Cashews
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Almonds

    High Fiber juices

    3. Fruit Juices

    Cranberry juice, apple, prune, and orange juices are great for softening your stool quickly because they contain a ton of dietary fiber along with trace amounts of sorbitol. However, they do have a laxative effect if you drink a lot.  Drinking more than 2 glasses of high-fiber fruit juices can sometimes cause diarrhea so be careful.

    Personally, I find that drinking at least 1 and a half glass of fresh ripe apple juice before bed helps me have a bowel movement in the morning. I also tried prune juice when I was pregnant with my baby boy 2 years ago and it helped but it caused me stomach ache which wasn’t very pleasant.

    High Fiber seeds

    4. High Fiber Seeds

    Next, you have seeds which are mostly used in smoothies, drinks, garnish salads, or even boiled as a tea for constipation. The thing about high-fiber seeds is that they contain more fiber than foods and work faster in stimulating a bowel movement. 

    That’s why you need to be careful with your measurements when using them because a little can go a long way. You also want to make sure that your body tolerates these seeds before consuming them or if they could interact with medications that you may be on. High-fiber laxative seeds include:

    • Flaxseeds
    • Chia seeds
    • Mustard seeds
    • Black sesame seeds
    • Fennel seeds
    • Pumpkin seeds

    probiotic foods

    5. High Probiotic Foods

    Okay, so in some cases, not having enough good bacteria in your gut can lead to constipation. Why? Because your gut contains good bacteria and bad bacteria, there has to be a balance between the two for your gut to function properly. An unbalanced gut can cause a number of health issues including constipation.

    Eating foods rich in probiotics can help support the cells that line your gut and prevent bad bacteria from entering your bloodstream.

    Having enough good bacteria in your gut also helps your food digest better, therefore, reducing constipation. Lastly eating probiotic foods helps strengthen your immune system which happens mostly in your gut. Foods rich in probiotics include:

    • Yogurt
    • Cottage cheese
    • Buttermilk
    • Kefir
    • Kimchi
    • Miso Soup
    • Sauerkraut
    • Tempeh
    • Grapefruit
    • Watermelon
    • Cauliflower
    • Kale
    • Broccoli
    • Cabbage
    • Brussels sprouts

    6. High Fiber Smoothies

    Another great way to soften your stool quickly is by drinking high-fiber smoothies in the morning while still on an empty stomach. Research shows that the colon is most active 30 minutes after waking up in the morning so instead of eating protein or carbs, drink smoothies instead.

    Smoothies that contain fiber will help draw water into your colon and soften your stool faster. Also, liquids are usually better than solids for treating constipation. Here is a list of 8 high-fiber smoothies for constipation that you can try.

    7. High Fiber Soups

    Similar to adding smoothies to your diet, eating high-fiber soups is another easy way to get more fiber into your diet. Soups also help strengthen the immune system especially when they contain vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. These types of soups are not only healthy but also help cleanse your gut by removing toxins as well.

    8. Hot Water & Herbal Teas

    Okay, so studies show that drinking hot water after meals can helps break down foods faster in the colon and improve digestion, therefore, reducing constipation. However, you can definitely spice them up by adding in some herbs like Anise and fennel seeds. Both have a laxative effect and can help you poop within hours.


    Lastly, of course, I saved the best for last, drink a lot of water. Drinking water keeps your organs and body hydrated. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to stay healthy. Walking or any type of activity can help shake things up so I definitely recommend you add at least 30 minutes of activity to your schedule daily.

    I hope you found this post helpful and I promise that if you follow the tips above, you will get some relief so until next time, I wish you all the best!

    50 Foods That Soften Stool Quickly

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