My Honest Jet Fuel Meals Review: Is It Worth It?

Looking for the best delivery service for weight loss? I’ve got you covered! Here is my honest Jet Fuel Meals review to help you decide if this healthy food delivery service is right for you! After trying a lot of food services online, I think that Jet Fuel’s meal delivery service is not only affordable but the food is also really delicious!

Below are some of their best meals, pricing, locations, pros, cons, and everything you need to know about this service. Meal delivery services have become really popular these days because they make help you eat healthy without the hassle and in most cases, cheaper!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn commissions if you purchase through them.

Best Meal Delivery Service For Weight Loss

Jet Fuel Meals Review | Is It Worth It?

Starting a new diet for weight loss can be very exciting at first but it can get frustrating when you have to do meal prepping or look for recipes to cook. But it doesn’t have to be anymore because there are tons of weight loss meal delivery services online that can help!

With Jet Fuel Meals, you can find keto meals, plant-based meals, and even pescatarian meals. You can also find meals that help you maintain your weight plus meals for weight lifters. All you have to do is choose a plan that fits you, customize your meals, and get them delivered right to your doorsteps.

Jet Fuel Meals Overview

Jet Fuel Meals is a healthy meal delivery service that provides fresh weight management meal plans. The company is based in Miami, Florida but delivers meals in other states such as New York & New Jersey. Jet Fuel Meals was founded in 2012 by Robert Del Castillo and has been doing pretty well since then.

Jet Fuel Meals is actually rated #6 on Google as the best meal service in Florida and has over 4.8 stars from over 522 customer reviews.

Who Is Jet Fuel Meals For?

Jet Fuel Meals are for anyone trying to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, or maintain weight, and for those on the keto diet. If you are trying to lose weight on a budget, this service can come in really handy. People with busy schedules, singles, couples, or seniors that don’t have time to cook will enjoy Jet Fuel Meals.

There are even meal plans for kids which is a great option for busy parents that want their kids to eat healthy as well. Continue reading to see their kid’s meal plans.

Are Jet Fuel Meals Healthy?

Absolutely! That is exactly why I am reviewing and recommending this service to my readers! Jet Fuel Meals are extremely healthy, in fact, they pride themselves on always using only fresh and natural ingredients, and that’s one of the first things you are going to notice if you choose to use them.

I personally love the fact that you always get some sort of fresh sauteed vegetable in your meals, here are some of the kits that I got, take a look for yourself. I actually think they use cooking spray instead of animal fat which makes their foods taste less oily and greasy!

jet fuel meal kit

Jet Fuel Meals Menu

So I won’t be able to list all of Jet Fuel Meals menu here but to view the full menu, go on over to the Jet Fuel Meals pricing page to find a list of menus in each category. Click the link above, choose your meal type, and scroll all the way down after the pricing to view the menu. (I couldn’t find the menu myself the first time I went to subscribe)

Here is a screenshot of Jet Fuel Meals menu for the keto meal plan just to give you an idea of what you will be getting for your money! Note: You can get 20% off your first week by clicking this link and using SAS20 at checkout!

jet fuel meals menu

Now, the menu changes every week so you won’t be stuck with the same food over and over. You also have the option to remove items from your menu which will be replaced by something else of your choice. I know you’re wondering about nutrition and calories right? 

Well, as soon as you choose a meal plan, they give you an estimate of how many macros you can expect. For example, one of their keto meal servings of broasted chicken with green string beans and sauteed eggplants gives you 350 calories, 16 grams of total fat, 35 grams of protein, and 8 grams of carbs.

The nutrition facts of each meal are also listed on the kits so that you know exactly what you’re eating. That said, I believe that the calories are sometimes a little off but not by much though.

How Many Calories Are In Jet Fuel Meals?

After going through each meal plan on Jet Fuel Meals, I found that the athletic meal plan has the highest amount of calories which amounts to 610 calories. The plant-based meal plan is 400 calories, the maintain-weight meal plan is also 400 calories per kit as well.

The keto, pescatarian, and weight loss meal plans are around 350 calories each and the kid’s meal plans are around 300 calories.

jet fuel meals pricing plans

Jet Fuel Meals Prices

Jet Fuel Meals prices vary depending on the type of meal plan you choose. For example, the keto meal plan is actually more pricy compared to the weight loss meal plans. There are 5 pricing plans for each type of meal plan and prices range from $51 all the way up to $205 dollars weekly.

Jet Fuel Weight Loss Meal Plan Pricing:

  • 1 meal per day = $51 dollars weekly
  • 2 meals per day = $80 dollars weekly
  • 3 meals per day = $115 weekly
  • 4 meals per day = $140 weekly
  • 5 meals per day = $170 weekly

Keto Meal Plan Pricing:

  • 1 meal per day = $51 dollars weekly
  • 2 meals per day = $80 dollars weekly
  • 3 meals per day = $124 dollars weekly
  • 4 meals per day = $166 dollars weekly
  • 5 meals per day = $205 dollars weekly

Athletic Meal Plan Pricing

  • 1 meal daily =$57.50 dollars weekly
  • 2 meals daily = $95 dollars weekly
  • 3 meals daily = $138 dollars weekly
  • 4 meals daily = $185 dollars weekly
  • 5 meals daily = $229 dollars weekly


What I Like & Dislike

There are many pros to using Jet Fuel Meals’ delivery service compared to cons, however, I found four problems while testing them out to write this Jet Fuel Meals Review which I have listed for you below.

What I Love

1. Lots Of Options– As I mentioned above, there are a lot of food options and menu plans to choose from with Jet Fuel Meals. You can find healthy kid-friendly meals, keto, weight loss, muscle building, weight-maintaining and plant-based meals on there.

2. Healthy– Jet Fuel Meals uses fresh organic ingredients to prepare their meals, with no artificial flavoring, preservatives, or frozen ingredients!

3. Customizable– Yes, once you sign up and choose a plan, you can actually customize your meals and menu to fit your calorie intake.

4. Affordable– Yes, Jet Fuel Meals are actually very affordable compared to other meal delivery sites. You can have a whole week of 1 meal daily for just $51 dollars which is around $7,30 per meal.

5. Unsubscribe Easily– Yes, if for any reason you choose to unsubscribe from Jet Fuel Meals, they make it really easy for you to do so. Simply choose to end your subscription and you are done! Note: you can even freeze your account weekly as well.

5. Free Snacks– Yes! You heard that right, you get free snacks along with your meals and they are not included in the pricing! You get smoothies, cold press juices, and protein bites.

What I Dislike

1. Subscription– Unlike other meal delivery services, you will need to subscribe to Jet Fuel Meals to choose a meal plan and place an order.

2. You Can’t Pick Your Own Meals– Jet fuel meal plans don’t include you choosing your own meals but you can add or remove ingredients but I find it inconvenient.

3. Locations– Jet Fuel Meals does not deliver to all locations, they are only limited to three states, Miami, New York, & New Jersey which I think limits their reach. Go add your zip code to check if your location is available.

4. Delivery– Jet Fuel Meals only delivers meals 3 times a week which are on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 12 am to 6:30 am. So you will have to order your meals in advance and keep them in the fridge.

Also, you can’t keep the delivery bag, you have to leave the bag and ice pack out for the company to pick them up on the next delivery date so that you don’t pay extra!

My Final Thoughts On Jet Fuel Meals

Honestly, I loved using this service, and no, I am not biased because I am earning a commission when you sign up, it’s because they are really amazing! If you’ve read my blog for a while, you will know that I do not write review posts often unless I truly believe in a product.

If I think a product will help my readers achieve their weight loss or health goals, I will definitely recommend it. I think that Jet Fuel Meals can help you lose weight and stay in shape. They are extremely healthy and the taste is also really good. But you don’t only have to take my word for it, see what others are saying!

jet fuel meals reviews

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As always, I hope you liked my Jet Fuel Meals Review. Make sure to stay healthy and awesome until next time mamas! Don’t forget to hit me up on Pinterest for more awesome tips and tricks!,1,,,,

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