Short Bump Friendly Dresses To Wear During & After Pregnancy

Looking for short Bump Friendly dresses that are also very comfortable? Here are my personal favorites that you can choose from. These dresses are extremely gorgeous and great for the summer. They are also great for expecting moms that are not showing just yet and can be worn after you have your little bundle of joy as well. 

Now I am not a fashion expert and I struggle to find clothes to fit my style but I think I have good taste when it comes to picking cute pieces. So without further ado, here are my favorite short bump friendly dresses picks!

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Short Bump Friendly Dresses

Now some of the dresses below can be worn to parties, work, events, or when you’re chilling at home with your hubby! Who says we need to look maternal all the time right? We can also look sexy as heck! Note: You can click the images or the button below each image to learn more. Let’s do this mama!

How Do I Choose Clothing?

Well, I always check customer reviews to make sure that people are satisfied with what they pay for. Since I do not buy these clothes to personally review them, I also pay close attention to pictures provided by people who actually bought them.

This is because I do not want to recommend anything that I wouldn’t personally buy or use myself so I take a lot of time to investigate a product before adding it to my lists.

1. Halter Ruffled Mini Dress

short pleated bump friendly dress

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What I like about this dress is mostly the color and the fact that it can be worn to almost any occasion, however, I think it’s great for expecting moms that aren’t really showing yet. So maybe if you are in your 3-5 months of pregnancy, this will serve its purpose of hiding the bump.

2. Comfortable Semi-Short Bump Friendly A-Line Dress

Comfortable bump friendly dress

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Next on the list is this very comfortable A-line mixed fiber dress that you can wear for breakfast or brunch out with the girls or for a walk in the park. The fabric is great for hot weather and it’s large enough to accommodate your mommy’s tummy. It’ll also look amazing with a pair of flat sandals. There are also lots of colors to choose from.

3. Short Denim Jumper Bump Friendly Dress

Short Denim Jumper Bump Friendly Dress

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Okay, so this dress is really short but definitely something you can wear around the house for your hubby! I think it’s great for those who aren’t showing yet and also, you can wear this even after having your little one. I actually like the v-neck and breast pockets.

Plain Shift Bump Friendly Dress

Plain Shift Bump Friendly Dress

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If you are looking for something that you can wear daily at home or throw on to get some groceries, this is not only casual but comfy as well. There are different sizes so even if you are a little bigger, you will be able to cover your baby bump with one of these.

5. Long Puff Sleeve A-Line Mini Dress

Long Puff Sleeve A-Line Mini Dress

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Okay, so I know you want something that you can wear this summer but I really liked this dress and wanted to add it to the list. I mean this could be great for date night with the hubby. Just make sure you have a smaller chest size cause a lot of the reviews talked about it being a little tight in that area.

6. Ruffle Mini Sundress

Ruffle Mini Sundress

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I am absolutely in love with this dress! It is gorgeous! Sorry if I seem overly excited, it’s just that white is my favorite color. Okay, so back to the dress, if you are planning on going to the beach anytime soon, you definitely want to have this one in your closet! 

7. Sleeveless Sundress

sleeveless sundress

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Similar to the dress above, I adore this dress, the color is amazing and it has some great customer reviews. You can wear this to the beach or run errands in it on a hot summer day. I don’t recommend you wear those high heels in the photo though, they can be very uncomfortable and put a strain on your back.

8. Smocked Boho Ruffle Summer Dress

Smocked Boho Ruffle Summer Dress

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Have an event like a wedding, summer vacation, baby shower, or party, this short bump-friendly polyester dress may be just right for you! The price is amazing and it fits the body perfectly according to the reviews. I also love the fact that you can wear this even after having your baby.

9. Sleeveless Halter Neck Summer Dress

Sleeveless Halter Neck Summer Dress

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This dress is exquisite! I love the color, the style, and the fabric, although polyester, it looks amazing! You can wear this for a photoshoot or even to work! This could also look good on most body shapes plus there are other colors and floral prints as well. 

10. Swing Skater Dresses

Swing Skater Dresses

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This swing skater dress comes with a short lantern sleeve design that looks gorgeous when paired with some brown gladiator sandals, a mesh hat plus a latch purse. This loose style chic design dress can be worn to parties, breakfast, brunch, and the beach as well.


There you go! Now you have 10 short bump-friendly dresses to choose from! I will be adding more in the future. I really hope you liked this post and if you did, please don’t forget to share it cause it helps me a lot. Until next time, keep looking awesome mamas!

Short Bump Friendly Dresses

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