How To Remove Cabbage Leaves Prep & Roll Them Step By Step

I have suddenly become an expert in preparing stuffed cabbage since my kids can’t get enough of them! It’s a hassle at first but once you get a hang of it, you’ll become an expert yourself in no time! Here is how to remove cabbage leaves, prep, and roll them step by step.

If you haven’t had stuffed cabbage leaves, you need to try them! They are really delicious. I love lemony stuffed cabbage leaves because they are lower in calories and I can eat so many of them without feeling guilty! You all know how much I love my tummy! Lol. 

Get out your aprons mamas and let’s get to making some cabbage! Oh and don’t forget to save this post on your boards cause it will come in handy.

How To Remove Cabbage Leaves Prep & Roll Them Step By Step

How To Remove Cabbage Leaves Prep & Roll Them Step By Step

The first thing we need to do is to separate the cabbage leaves without breaking them so to start, fill a very large pot with water and let it come to a boil.

remove core of cabbage and howl it down in boiling water

While the water is heating up, remove the hard stem from the center of the cabbage and place it in the boiling water while holding it down with a fork-spoon.

shake up the cabbage slowly after 5 minutes to separate the leaves

Let it fill up with boiling water until it stops bubbling in the middle before releasing it. Leave it in for 3-5 minutes, come back with the fork-spoon, and begin to shake it up slowly. The leaves will begin to separate.

How Long Should You Boil Cabbage Leaves To Soften Them

After separating the cabbage leaves, you want to leave it in the boiling water for an extra 5 minutes to soften the leaves or else you won’t be able to roll them. Make sure not to keep them in too long or else they will tear when it’s time for rolling.

How To Cut Cabbage Leaves For Stuffed Cabbage

For larger cabbage leaves, fold the leaf in half and cut the neck in a diagonal shape at the top. Next, open the leaf and slice it in the middle.

how to cut smaller cabbage leaves for rolling

For smaller leaves, fold the leaf in half and slice the top off just enough to remove the hard part.

How To Roll Cabbage Leaves

Before adding the stuffing to your cabbage leaf, you will need to prep the leaf by laying it sideways so that it’s in a long-form position.

Next, add your stuffing according to the size of your leaf. For larger leaves, be generous, but for smaller leaves, don’t add too much.

how to roll cabbage leaves perfectly

You also want to leave spaces at both ends of the cabbage leaf when placing your stuffing, like 1 inch on both sides.

When it comes to rolling your cabbage leaf, you have 2 options, the first is by adding the stuffing and closing both ends before rolling. The second option is to leave both ends open and simply roll the leaf after adding the stuffing.

leave both ends of cabbage leaves open when rolling

For the second option though, you will need to squeeze both ends of the rolled cabbage leaf to prevent the stuffing from falling out.

I find this the best way to roll cabbage because it makes the stuffing cook through faster. Closing the sides can sometimes make hard stuffings like rice turn out undercooked.

How To Prep Stuffed Cabbage In Pot Before Cooking

You’ve done all the hard work and now it’s time to prep your stuffed cabbage rolls in your pot. Remember the tops of the cabbage leaves you cut off at the beginning of the post?

use discarded cabbage leaves to prep your pot

Well, you need to add those to the bottom of the pot so that your stuffed cabbage doesn’t get burned. They also act as padding for the cabbage leaves.

Now go ahead and add your stuffed cabbage one by one in straight lines or in a circular motion. It’s totally up to you. Next, cover with a plate so that the stuffed cabbage stays in place.

how to prep stuffed cabbage in pot before cooking

This helps the cabbage cook through without falling apart. Now add your liquids, cover the pot lid, and cook according to your recipe.

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I really hope you found this post helpful and that preparing cabbage leaves isn’t as hard as you thought it would be after reading and following the sets in this post. You can find me on Pinterest for more awesome tips and also, please don’t forget to save my pin, it helps.

How To Remove Cabbage Leaves Prep & Roll Them Step By Step

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